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I am Zed.
I overreact, I whine when my code is used, I make "music".
You may ask, why am I so full of myself? Good question, I think that it goes back to my childhood, where I was mostly ignored. I didn't get enough attention as a child, so now I'm a generally unpleasent person. Now you have an answer.
I've written tons of code. I invented Ruby on Rails. Then DHH stole it, didn't give me credit. People use mongrel and I didn't get rich, THANKS GPL. I was instrumental in the development of DongML.
I make "music" and record my "practice sessions". Honestly I don't give a fuck if you like it or not. I do it because it makes me slightly less angry with the world.
Yes I say "fuck", and quite a lot of "bad words", mostly because it's funny to watch you shit your pants at them. It's not like you're going to give me a job so fuck it, I'll say fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck* *Did I mention? fuck
I also build


I use my skills at electronics and woodworking to build instruments I want to play. I play them in most of my "music".
I write books about computar machines. A lot of people claim to have learned to code from them I am much nicer in my books and they are PG-13. In other words, I don't say things like "You know Nick, I ever meet you in person I'm gonna kick your motherfucking ass. Pussy.*" in my books. *Nick Martini is a really mean guy him maded me cry :'(
I write boring shit no one cares about. I may start writing fiction soon too. It may have music in it. I'm just a jack of all trades here people!
In conclusion: I might be moderately intelligent, but the constant shenanigans I pull make me fucking HR and PR disaster. You have been warned.

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